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Worlds of

bruynzeel-sakura, worlds of inspiration

We distinguish ourselves by (creative) expression, from young to old, from hobbyist to professional artist. This desire is universal and makes us unique.

A unique combination
For everyone who paints, draws or writes, bruynzeel-sakura offers a world of possibilities. We offer you the best of both worlds; top quality from both the Bruynzeel and Sakura range of products. A unique combination of quality, knowledge, experience and ideas.
In our range, you will truly find everything you need when it comes to writing, drawing and painting products. Each product makes it possible to transform inspiration into expression. We also think here in terms of total concepts.
The ingredients of our success are:
extensive product and market research, advanced technologies, an unstoppable urge to innovate and our passion.

We therefore develop appropriate products for everyone.
For a child that is colouring in its first drawing, the businessman who is signing an important contract, but also the amateur painter who is making a watercolour of the flowers in his garden. bruynzeel-sakura offers all these people – big and small, all over the world - top-quality tools. In short, welcome to our worlds of inspiration.

Worlds of inspiration

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